GGGnK18 Amefuri EP21
Japanese 雨降小僧


English Rainfall Boy
Species Yōkai
Gender Male
Abilities Rain Conjuring
First Appearance
Anime Series 1 Episode 20 (1968)
1968 anime Hiroshi Ōtake
1985 anime Yoku Shioya
1996 anime Kazunari Tanaka
2007 anime Masaya Onosaka
2018 anime Nao Tamura

Amefuri-Kozō (雨降小僧 or 雨降り小僧, lit. Rainfall boy) is a recurring human-like yōkai.


Amefuri-Kozō is a short, child-like yōkai, having a pudgy face and upturned nose. He wears a blue kimono, a pair of getas, and an umbrella over the blue cloth wrapped around his head. He is always carrying around a thin paper lantern.



First Anime

Amefuri-Kozō appears in episode #20 of the first anime adaptation, Nezumi-Otoko and Neko-Musume.[1]

Third Anime

Fourth Anime

Fifth Anime

Amefuri-Kozō appears in episode #25 of the fifth anime adaptation, The Great Yōkai Sports Festival.[2]

Sixth Anime

Amefuri-Kozō appears in episode #21 of the sixth anime adaptation, Flame on! The Solitude of the Takurō-Bi.[3] He appears again in episode #28 along with Takurō-Bi and the other yōkai of GeGeGe Forest to help Kitarō fight off the Western Yōkai. After Backbeard and his army retreats for the time being, Amefuri-Kozō conjures rain to put out the fire that was consuming GeGeGe Forest.[4]


Rain Conjuring: As his name implies, Amefuri-Kozō is able to conjure the rain at his command by using his paper lantern. However within the fifth anime, this ability is uncontrollable.[2]


Amefuri-Kozō is a weather spirit illustrated by Sekien Toriyama in his book "Konjaku Gazu Zoku Hyakki."


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