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Full Name Amabie
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Pink
Skin color Light pink (head)

Aqua (body)

Species Yōkai
Friends Kitarō

Amabie (アマビエ, Amabie) is a legendary Japanese mermaid who, it is said, came from the sea and prophesied either an abundant harvest or an epidemic. There are similar mermaids related to her; Amabiko (アマビコ), Amahiko (尼彦), Amahiko-nyudo (尼彦入道), Amahiko (あま彦), Amahiko (天彦), Amabiko (天日子), Arie (アリエ) and others.




  • She is the 9th of the chosen 47 Yōkai Warriors. She's the representative of Kumamoto. And her mark's location is on her left side of her tail fin.
  • She is shown to have a crush on Kitarō.

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