Akuma-kun (悪魔くん Akuma-kun) is a manga series created in 1963 by the creator of GeGeGe no Kitaro, Shigeru Mizuki. It has seen several manga remakes, reboots, and spin-offs and was adapted to a live-action tokusatsu series, an anime series, and movies.


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  • Akuma-kun (1963-1964): The original manga, it was published in Weekly Shonen Magazine and released in three volumes. It was originally planned to be five volumes, but the series was ended early due to poor sales. Akuma-kun's name is Ichiro Matsushita.
  • Akuma-kun (1966-1967): A new manga was made in the wake of the 1966 TV series. It was published in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, now known as Monthly Shonen Magazine. Akuma-kun's name is Shingo Yamada.
  • Akuma-kun Fukkatsu: Sennen Okoku (1970-1971): This manga was published in Weekly Shonen Jump. Ichiro Matsushita returns as Akuma-kun.
  • Kitaro tai Akuma-kun (1976): A one-shot crossover manga published in Monthly Shonen Jump featuring Akuma-kun and GeGeGe no Kitaro.
  • Akuma-kun Seikimatsu Taisen (1987-1988): This manga was published in Comic BE! and is a direct continuation of the original manga.
  • Saishinban Akuma-kun (1988-1990): A modernized reboot of Akuma-kun published in Comic Bom Bom. Akuma-kun's name is Shingo Umoregi. This manga was the basis for the 1989 anime.
  • Nostradamus Taiyogen (1993-1994): Shingo Umoregi is the protagonist in this manga.

1966 TV series

Akuma Kun 1
Akuma-kun was adapted into a live-action tokusatsu series by Toei Company. It aired from October 6, 1966 to March 30, 1967 on NET (TV Asahi), almost two years before the 1968 anime of GeGeGe no Kitaro. Akuma-kun's name is Shingo Yamada, who is portrayed by Mitsunobu Kaneko of Giant Robo (named Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot for its English dub) fame.

1986 TV movie

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Akuma-kun was adapted into a live action TV movie by Toei Company, three years before the anime. It aired on September 15, 1986 as part of Fuji TV's Monday Drama Land, which also previously aired a TV movie adaptation of GeGeGe no Kitaro. Akuma-kun's name is Shingo Ito.

1989 anime

Akuma-kun was adapted into an anime in 1989 by Toei Animation following the Saishinban Akuma-kun manga. It was based on said manga, and thus Shingo Umoregi is the protagonist. It aired on TV Asahi from April 15, 1989 to March 24, 1990, replacing Saint Seiya. It spawned two movies, Akuma-kun: The Movie released on July 15, 1989 and Akuma-kun: Yōkoso Akuma Land e!! released on March 10, 1990. It also notably spawned a role-playing game on the Famicom (Nintendo Entertainment System) named Akuma-kun: Makai no Wana. The anime was heavily merchandised, seeing toys and simple things like coloring books.

The opening theme song was performed by Koorogi '73.


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